Abaut Rejang Tribe from Sumatra Island

Indigenous Group Rejang (Also known as: Keme Tun Djang , Orang Rejang, Djang, Tun Djang, Redjang Empat Petulai, Djang Lebong, Djang Bele Tebo, Djang Musai, Djang Lai, Djang Bekulau, Djang Abeus, Djang Aweus, Bang Hadji, Semitul).
Location Indonesia, southwest highlands of Sumatra, north Bengkulu province, around Argamakmur, Muaraaman, Curuo, and Kapahiang.
Estimated Population 1,000,000 (1981, SIL International)
Environment Tropical / Rainforest / Highland / Coastal / Valley / Plain
Lifestyle Sedentary
Subsistence Agriculture / Fishing / Commerce / Paid Labor / Handicraft Sales / Forestry
Level of Assimilation Fairly Traditional
Language Family Rejang
Classification: Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian, Western Malayo-Polynesian, Sundic, Malayic, Malayan, Para-Malay
Alternate Names: Redjang, Rejang-Lebong, Jang, Djang, Djang Bele Tebo, Rejang taal, bahasa Rejang, langue Rejang, lengua Rejang

Dialects: Lebong (Djang Lebong), Kebanagung, Pasisir, Musi, Rawas. Very different from Serawai. Different from Rejang-Baram group of languages on Borneo. Musi and Rawasi dialects are not to be confused with Malay varieties of the same name.



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